Ngao Boon 04

Ngao Boon เงาบุญ Thai Drama Movie lakorn Several nights ago, Sita (Pimprapa Tangprapaphorn) had to wake up in the middle of the night because he heard strange howls. She was unable to hear, rarely communicated with anyone, and the phone signal was always broken.

Listen to the radio on and off. Falling picture television Until friends had to invite Sita to stay away from all communication devices Some people concluded that Sita was a turbulent 5G level,

but what everyone, including Sita, did not see and did not know, was that there was a jinn trying to ask for the merits and Sita in suffering. That jinn was Sita’s father’s sutee.

The sultan has committed some sins. Dying to pay for it in Hell for a long time, but time in Hell has passed slowly. Different from time on earth Even though Sita had just lost her father for seven days only.

But Suthir has been in Hell for hundreds of years. Hell is not punished. Must become back up as a jinn Living in the middle of an overlapping world on this planet That is what Sita heard from the fortune teller who was afraid of ghosts.

But always encounter ghosts all the time The more you fear, the more you see The more evasive, the more peekaboo throughout

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