Plerng Nang 01

Plerng Nang | เพลิงนาง | Thai Drama | Thai Lakorn | Best Drama 2020
The woman in the heart of “Phlapphla” (Ploy-Chermarn) after creating the notorious heroic deeds that “Phlapphla” is a playmate. Playboy’s stuff has arrived.

Niwas follows the turbulent “Phlapphla” at the office until the moody girl throws through the ceiling. Managed to kick through “Niwas” to the end, causing “Niwas”

extremely angry, dragging rubbing “the tabernacle” to the parking lot. With a physical assault “tabernacle” revenge.

“she Fire” with the slogan “My body … I have nothing against anyone,” We have seen a cool scene. Spicy to wipe your mouth all the time The latest to the fire scene queue “Saow Ploy-Chermarn”, who plays the role of “Phlapphla 2020”, has many men.

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