Prom Daen Hua Jai 04

Prom Daen Hua Jai พรมแดนหัวใจ Thai Drama Thai Lakorn Best Drama 2013
When Jirana (Kantapong Bamrungrak), a young NGO who adheres to ideology, wants to help the villagers from being in debt to the mortal goddess Amara’s stepmother (Maninuch Sermitsut) and is under the influence of Peer.

Phong (Krisada Supaprom), the son of a MP who is behind illegal drugs and weapons

So he has to get involved with Sophit (Khemnit Jamikorn), Amara’s good daughter and that Phiraphong’s fiancée.

Sopit’s gratitude Make her willing to do anything for her mother But when she got close to Jirana, she realized the bad things her mother and fiancée did. At the same time, young people began to open up to each other.

Sopit joins forces with Jirana to expose the evil Piraphong. But in the matter of love Sophit had to give way to his sister who fell in love with Jirana even though he had just met recently.

Until Jirana was hurt He stopped contacting Sopit and his sister and turned to focus on his work until he was able to find evidence of the evil people.

Sopit’s sister was desperate and returned to her ex-husband.

Sopit hurriedly went to the place where they both shared their love. Jirana did not get angry with the girl and asked her to always be there for him.

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