Singh Sang Pa 10

Singh Sang Pa | สิงห์สั่งป่า | Thai Drama | Thai Lakorn | Best Drama 2020
Male lead used to work for the baddies. After he retired from the group, he returned to his hometown only to find out that his family members were killed.

He later joined a thief gang lead by female lead in order to fight the baddies.

They both had a bad past with the bad guys lead by Anun Amarin who is actually his brother-in-law.

“Sing Sang Pa” begins with the return of revenge of Sing Mek Phut (starring Louis Hess), a young man who has just been released five years ago. Go mortgage with Mr. Anan, the influential person, Mr. Anan argues, seizes the land.

But Leo refused and had an affair Leo was charged with attempted murder. Sing out of punishment. And accidentally met an elven star (Starring Pinkploy Paphawadee Chan Samon) Gang Leader Nang Leopard A group of virtuous thieves who rob only the bad guys Singha then cooperated with Nang Leopard gang.

To help deal with the powerful Mr. Anan Amarin who persecuted the villagers Which used to create bad things for Singha and Dao’s kitchen
How will the whole story be? Will the two of them be able to get rid of Mr. Anan?

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