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Vasana Ruk | วาสนารัก | Thai Drama | Thai Lakorn | Best Drama 2020
The story of the parents’ generation from “Thung Sanha” passed on to the generation of children who have not yet reached their end.

But it is the beginning of “love” that seems to be “no luck” when the Likaypathepthong troupe had a car accident overturned,

causing the death of “Phai Thepthong” the famous Likay hero to make “Duangmanee Srinakhon” former heroine Likay Patai’s gift Must become a strong woman,

take care of all the Likay people by herself Including taking care of the children “Bodin Denduangmakin”

and “Klai Rungthepthong” “Kantapon Samakkhetkorn” is still living with a nightmare repeatedly where everyone says that he is not the child of “Praiwan Samakhet.

Korn “when waking from a dream He continued to live his youth. With just a dream of wanting to finish school and return to take care of “Ya Cha” Or the grandmother’s junk,

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